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Do you want to workout at home? Have equipment and not sure what to do with it?  Those Youtube workouts can be great until you get to a move and not have the right piece of equipment. Then you're left trying to figure something out & before you know it, your motivation plummets, kids are screaming, and its time for real life shit!


H/Q has you covered and its simple - Custom Programming

So, how does it work?

Select buy - you will be sent an application/questionaire

Fill it out and send it back

Give Rhonda 48 hrs and watch your inbox for a custom workout based on your answers.

Thats it!!!

* It is very important to include ALL equipment, space availability, injuries etc. This will ensure a program dedicated speciafically to what you have available


  • 5 Days worth of CUSTOM Workouts & 1 for a recovery day 

  • Workouts Based On Individual Equipment Availability

  • 2 Core Workouts That Can Be Used Daily

  • 2 Changes/Revisions 

  • Workouts That You Get To Keep Forever



Please Note:

- There is  2 changes/revisions.

- This does NOT include personalized consultation, this is a do on your own program. 

*virtual personal training can be purchased at a rate of $50/ 30 minutes. Please send all inquires via email, 



H / Q - Custom Workout Plan

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