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Environmental Toxins

Eliminating chemical toxins from your body is just as important as our diet, exercise, sleep and

stress and yet, and yet it is the one we hear about the least. Now that can be because it is

highly misunderstood AND it just might very well mean we need to UN-learn some things we

thought were true.

Toxins is one of those words that has gotten thrown around so much that it almost lost its WOW

factor. Society has become quite desensitized by many words that should actually alarm us a

bit....or at the very least, spike our interest. Now I get not everyone is an undercover nerd like

me and has the time nor desire to dig deep into everything and that is why I have done some

dirty work for you.

Toxins are known to be a risk, but what does that really mean and how the hell do they attack us?

For starters they enter our bodies in many ways: through our skin from soaps, lotions, makeup,

hygiene products, up our nose from the air & pollution and in our mouth from breathing, food &

water. They do a lot of harm internally that unfortunately we do not see. They alter hormone

levels and increase cancer risk. For example, chemicals are implicated in obesity because they

can increase fat cell growth and trigger food intake, leading to fat gain... which is where 'bad

cells' are stored. Chemicals are also a threat to human fertility, high estrogen levels in both men

& children and healthy cognition.

Unfortunately, in North America, chemical regulation is practically non-existent. Good news is

there are a number of simple ways you can limit your exposure to chemical toxins:

1: Ditch Your Plastic Water Bottles and limit plastic food storage

BPA, the chemical most closely implicated in obesity, leaches into the water from the plastic.

But it is far from the only chemical in plastic so stickers saying BPA free are extremely

misleading. Get a reusable metal or glass bottle instead, and when you have to drink from a

plastic bottle, remember that plastic is one-use only. Refilling a plastic water bottle, especially

one that has been exposed to heat, is creating chemical soup!

2: Scrub Your Produce

Pesticides are a major source of hormone-disrupting chemicals. Always scrub your produce and

go organic whenever possible.

3: Use Natural Cleaning Products ( but again, try and limit purchasing new bottles, I buy

bulk or refillable) Happy Bodies, Happy Planet!!

Chemical cleaners contain toxins and estrogen-mimicking compounds. Opt

for plant-based cleaners. Don’t trust it just because it says “green” on the label, that is a

marketing ploy and has often just been the name of a brand... but I will save that for another

post. Check ingredients. Simple is always better. Alcohol, vinegar, lemon, vodka ( Yes! cheap

vodka will make anything sparkle better then Windex)

4: Don’t Take Receipts Unless Necessary

Almost half of paper receipts contain BPA and there’s evidence that cashiers have very high

BPA levels.

5: Use Cloth Bags When Shopping

If you forget your cloth bags, opt for paper if you can. Theres always some near the


6: Drink Plenty of Water (Make Sure It’s Safe)

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference. Water is essential for elimination, but it

will only be therapeutic if it’s uncontaminated. Consider getting a filter or test your water with a

home test that can be bought online or at a hardware store. Simply buying a Britta water filter

will go a long way to eliminating the most harmful toxins. Steer clear from Culligan or these

huge bottles of chemical juice... bottles water has sit stored, heated, reheated and who knows

what for a very long time.

7: Eat Cruciferous Vegetables

Broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and the other cruciferous veggies provide a host of

pro-elimination nutrients that enhance the body’s ability to neutralize and remove chemicals.

8: Eat “Detox” Foods: Fiber, Protein, Fruits & Veggies

Your body has a robust capacity to detoxify chemicals, but only if you supply it with the nutrients

to do so. Most important is indigestible fiber (f