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Are You Struggling With Losing Fat Or Have You Hit a Plateau?

  • I’ve tried everything

  • My body doesn’t respond to this or that

  • That doesn’t work for me

  • My body is different

  • I can’t do that because of

I’ve heard it all and I’m sorry but unless you actually have some medical issue - I’m calling bullshit and those are just your fears and excuses talking! Yes it’s the hard truth but we need to keep it serious guys or you will keep on this rollercoaster. Lord knows there are MANY people just waiting to capitalize on your failures. Hence the fact that it is the fastest growing industry in the world, raking in billions! So, I’m going to keep it real, real simple, real truth, but you will get real results.

Stop the lies, there’s nothing wrong with you, it's not genetics, your body isn’t special and it runs the same way as mine or anyone else’s. It’s our fears, our self doubt, our laziness, our excuses, our environment, our comfort, our bad habits….but they are ALL things that can be changed and are in our control

First, we need to understand our bodies a little bit...without getting into a full blown science class, learning some of the basics will help us achieve better results with a clear picture of what’s going on.

Our bodies require energy at all times, even just sitting, pumping blood or our heart beating, takes energy. There are 2 types of states our bodies are in for using energy:

Anabolic VS Catabolic

Anabolic - body using FAT as energy

Catabolic - body using muscle tissue, water, leftover carbs/ fat for energy

Here’s what not to do if you want to lose weight:

  • Very little food

  • Excessive amounts of cardio - especially steady state ANYTHING

  • Little weightlifting (and no heavy weightlifting)

  • Long (2+ hour) workouts 6 to 7 days per week

  • Not prioritizing the importance of uninterrupted sleep

  • Not incorporating foundational vitamins & mineral support

  • Liquid calories

When thinking about making a fitness goal, 9 out of 10 people will seek out their fitness approach, incorporate an exercise plan and basically reduce their calorie intake with the prediction that just not eating as much will result in fat loss. This actually has the opposite effect. More often than not, people struggle with getting adequate amounts of whole, quality foods into their diet and that is the primary reason for fat gain and/or hitting a “plateau”. Fat will get stored as fat if your body doesn’t have another energy source. It’s basically survival mode for your body.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Consume ALL macros… Any nutrition plan that leaves out any 1 food group or has you drinking meals IS NOT sustainable and is simply a temporary fad that will have you rebounding as soon as you stop it.

  • Don’t allow your body to become full

  • EAT……. whole foods. The less you eat the more fat your body will hide but make it the good stuff… fiber, nutrient dense whole foods

  • Resist cravings with water or a healthy alternative. Remember your body is adjusting and detoxing. Just like it would any other addiction

  • Eat within your calories but break it up throughout the day

  • Get rid of the mindset that you have to eat certain things at certain times.

  • Avoid putting yourself in social settings that you aren’t ready for. It’s ok to put your health first...and it’s ok to say NO to a neighbors BBQ

  • Lift more weights!!!! Stop with the excessive running, ellipticals, treadmills etc. Even body weight shouldn’t be done constantly. You may lose on the scale or even in size but it will primarily be water and muscle first….. Fat hides the best and will be the last to leave, when there’s nothing left. Do exercise that promotes FAT loss not WEIGHT loss. Exercise is not created equal ( another article)

  • So, pick up the weights and focus on getting stronger

  • Stop thinking you will get bulky, it is simply NOT true and It can’t happen. You may think you “look” bulky but thats because of the fat over your muscle #sorrynotsorry I only wish muscle happened like that but do your research, it really doesn’t. Genetically/ biologically impossible as a woman, we simply don’t have the male hormones for it to happen

  • Stop using the scale as a reflection to how well you are doing. Muscle weighs more than fat - FACT, so as you increase muscle & decrease fat...the number may very well look the same for a while. Also, while your body is recovering from a workout, it will hold water as it repairs therefore the next couple days may actually look like you went up in weight by a couple pounds. Instead of the scale, find a pair of jeans or pants that you can basically pull up but not do up or not be able to bend over….let those be your gauge. Try them on once a week/month and see where you’re at. It’s not always about the number, you’re entire composition is going to change, be patient

Remember this is a lifestyle adjustment not a race or quick fix diet. Focus on the habits that are not working for you and make small changes. Most importantly, get comfortable with being uncomfortable, new habits are doable but they take time and will not feel “normal” at first. STAY WITH THE PLAN😘