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5 Ways To Be The Badass Of Your Life

1.) Find what you love and do more of that shit.

Maybe yoga makes you happy. Maybe sex 20 times a week makes you happy. Maybe lifting heavy weights makes you happy. Maybe Magic Maggie's latest tummy blaster makes you happy.

Whatever movement it is, yeah. DO MORE OF THAT. Exercise has its way of boosting mood, relieving stress, and providing us with life. Even better, movement that makes you happy makes you feel empowered and confident to grab life by the balls

2.) Make gratitude your main relationship & never cheat on it.

“The most grateful people are the happiest.” – Ralph Smart

In lieu of stress, frustration, and anger, I understand why it’s hard to look on the bright side of things. But think about it: if you’re showing up pouty and bitchy, that’s the type of energy and people you’ll attract. Entering from a place of gratitude shifts your mindset from a place of pout to a place of abundance. More abundance = stronger faith in the world.

So begin to practice gratitude daily. Are you stressed at work? Be thankful you haven’t been replaced by a robot. Relationship problems? Be thankful you can actually decide whether to be in one or not, use the time to focus on your dreams. Did you not get the promotion you thought you deserved? Be thankful because this may lead you to better adventures and opportunities.

3.) Make fear your bitch.

It’s time to stop playing the part of the scaredy-cat and man the hell up. With a little courage, even the biggest dreams will manifest. But what will they think? What if they see me fail? What if my business isn’t successful?

These are normal limiting beliefs most people experience. I get it and I would be lying to myself and you if I said I haven't been going through this while opening my business. However, sometimes you have to say, “Fuck it. I’m going for it.” Facing fear head-on is not a talent or personality trait. Rather, it’s an active decision to set yourself free and make things happen.

What's the absolute craziest shit you've ever thought about doing, and was somehow talked out of it. A family member that convinced you it wasn't possible, a spouse that told you to grow up or stop being so "dreamy" or how about that best friend that said you're crazy and was comfortable with where they were in life. Let's say you want to write a book, blog, leave the comfortable dependable job and chase your real passion or start a business or YouTube channel on the best ways to talk to your cat….. whatever it is, it will be scary & their will ALWAYS be someone (usually someone close to you) that will convince you not to do it. STOP GIVING THOSE PEOPLE POWER BY CREATING DOUBT. Yes, it's scary shit but I've seen what wallowing in fear does to people, it doesn't do any good to live in the place of doubt and regret. Making fear your bitch is rewarding, fulfilling and fucking empowering!!! It's the only place where strength resides - and who doesn't want more of that??

4) Chill the fuck out

Give yourself permission to fucking live already. Nobody can do that for you just like it's not anyone's responsibility to look after your internal well-being. Why is there a need to over burden our days with kids sporting events, family birthday parties, friends get togethers, work luncheons, all while saying we tell ourselves we don't have time for a half hour sweat sesh to better equip us to handle the stress. Like WTF? I listen to women all day talking about their busy days… and then those same women will complain about exhaustion, weight imbalance, hormone imbalance, gut problems etc.

Listen, people can wait, your kids won't suffer from not being in every fucking sport…. Actually it will do them good and learn that they shouldn't be constantly busy. It's ok to rest, be lazy, put off today what you can do tomorrow (if it's unimportant), I mean I wouldn't take this too far but sometimes chillin is just as important for reflection. We are living in a society where everything is lightening speed and if we aren't keeping up… well, we're feeling inadequate. It's ok to hybernate, it's ok to hide out and do some self pampering. We can't expect to be the biggest badass at our jobs, the coolest parents to our kids and the best friend or spouse to our loved ones if we have nothing left to give. So calm your shit, clear your plate a little and fucking breathe. This will help everyone, including lower your risk for cancer, bitchiness and heart attacks…. Just sayin

5) Stop overthinking and take massive action

This one got me for years. Just like I touched on in #3, fear can prevent us from making ANY decisions. Whether you're wanting to ask a long time love out on a date, open that business, ask for a raise or move to another city, you have to be willing to suck it up, make a decision and go inspite of the fear. So what does that look like? Well, thinking about your plan but not limited to cause we all know thinking can be done rolling up that big hill on a roller coaster or sipping on wine in a hot tub. We have to get DOING, taking those thoughts and turning them into actionable moves. Writing lists, prioritizing that list, learning to hyper focus on one thing until it's completion and don't let other shit get in the way of your mission. So I'm seriously not asking you to birth a baby on your kitchen table or create the next birth control that doesn't make us raging bitches. I'm asking that you quit getting in your own fucking way. Allow yourself to create the life you want, to dream and do. We were meant to do amazing things - not sit and think about amazing things.

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