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Online Transformation Specialists For All Aspects of Whole Body Health. Not just about muscles!

*Fitness, Metabolic Hybrid Training, Weight loss & Badass Vegan 
Nutrition Coaching

*Helping Badass Humans Harness Their Inner Warrior, 
Mental Health & Wellness
*Personal Lived Experience (trigger warning)

*Follow our travels from Canada to Mexico & beyond

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Mental Health & Life Coaching

Welcome to the new website for Rebelle Fit! We have made some pretty major changes in the last year, with the biggest one being that we no longer have a physical location. Sadly we have seen many changes to business in the last 2 years, and we were not exempt. That change lead to another major change.... I moved on the road, traveling and working on many unfulfilled dreams!

We admittedly took some time away to really think about our core values and the service that we wanted to provide compared to our previous one..... nothing has changed. In fact we have discovered the even more importance of focusing on the mental health aspect of our lives. We still firmly believe that training still provides an essential and integral part of overall health and what it can provide.  That's what we were known for back in our home town and we are relieved to be well suited to continue with the same focus and core principles as before as before, only more enhanced

My back story and personal experiences were the reason Rebelle Fit was born, with my history of depression, suicide, C- PTSD and a trauma filled childhood ( yes, I bare it all ) It was hard to think that the business or myself would ever be a success. But we grew very quickly and discovered that there were many others out there that had the same desire of strengthening their body while simultaneously building mental fortitude. The 2 go hand in hand, often feeding each other - Think of it as cause and effect. The last 2 years have been difficult yes but it has also been an opportunity to rediscover who you are, learn new skills and strengthen existing ones.

My hope is that you find the guidance and support that you are looking for and that we will be able to work together to reach our goals. After years of healing, one of the most valuable lessons that I truly wrapped my head around was that it really is never too late to be what you might've been! 

Peace, Love & Muscles




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August 13, 2020

What Style Of Strength Training Does Rebelle Fit Offer?

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August 3, 2020

10 Steps To Achieve Anything You Want In Life

Self-Discipline the ability to control one's feelings and overcome one's weaknesses; the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it...

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