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Fitness Classes, Personal Training & Vegan Nutrition In 

Kingston, Ontario

Breaking The Stigma!! Rebelle Fit exists with one mission, and that is to constantly challenge and lead you to the highest level of sustainable fitness. 


Rebelle Fit is proud to call ourselves a mental health gym; where we promote physical & mental wellbeing as part of a healthy lifestyle. We've incorporated the best of every form of training and mixed it with the importance of mental health, making the emphasis on whole body wellness. Classes are open to every fitness level with each workout having a modification and advanced alternative. 

Rebelle Fit Kingston has class sizes never any larger than 6 & a "no open gym" policy, so you are sure to get the individual guidance and support like personal training promises, without the hefty cost. Our workouts are only 30 mins, but don't let that fool you...they're intense, and will leave you burning fat for up to 30 hours, increasing your metabolism, gaining strength both mentally and physically. YES, they are that good & yes, ONLY 30 mins

Full body health is more than muscles, and a strong body, it needs to encompasses a strong mind as well. At Rebelle Fit, you will get the attention you need to ensure safe, confident and injury free movements. 

If you are looking for an even more personalized approach or have a specific event/activity to training for, then 1 on 1 Personal training is also available. These sessions are in a closed gym and provide a private session experience. No intimidation, confusion or salesman.

. A place to unleash the Rebelle inside us all.


- We Are Stronger Than We Think - 

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Certified Fitness Trainer & Vegan Nutrition Coach, Personal Health & Life Coach

 Kingston, ON



I have a firm belief that we are faced with possibilities and opportunities throughout our entire life, and it is up to us to recognize them, grab them and move toward change without fear…... or stay the same!

Our Vision


It’s that crazy idea that what you envision in your dreams can be the vision of what you truly become. It plays over and over again. Its the dreams that seem so crazy to the average person. One must possess courage to go after that dream and that is what sets extraordinary people apart from everyone else.

Fear must be eliminated, commitment must prevail and you have to trust wholeheartedly that you can achieve and become that vision. The path won't always be clear, but that doesn't stop you, it only fuels you. Every single day you have the choice of whether to take steps toward or away from that dream, but regardless of what you choose the dream will always exist.

Success, in anything, is a long journey that begins with a decision. The decision to harness all of your strength, courage & bravery and fearlessly take that first step forward knowing there isn't an option to fail. That first step is followed by another and another until momentum builds and you begin moving closer to your destination. It becomes a part of you, your thirst builds and it is no longer something you struggle for, it's who you become. This is where you meet discipline.

There are no short cuts. You have to be prepared to push on when your body is tired and your mind is screaming for you to quit. That moment is when the depth of your commitment and belief in the dream come to fruition. It is here that your discipline takes over and makes shit happen.

It is up to you to take steps against those excuses, against all the negative influences temptations.  It is up to you to believe in yourself, you dream, your vision. You become strong when you learn to fight and never settle!