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All About Me - contd

Still to this day the mental aspect is my driving force, motivation and the edge that I now depend on. I learned that it required discipline, mental fortitude and grit to strengthen my mind and become emotionally stable after battling so much. There was a time it was about vanity and looking good - that meant bigger muscles & less fat (for me). Once I hit 45 and became a grandmother, things changed once again - The concept of aging and longevity became a real issue. I wanted to age while pursuing active living. I've tried it all, every form of sport, diet and movement since first becoming a Personal trainer at the age of 22 and what I have learned is this: NOTHING will work if you don't!  Decide & commit.... that said, get brutally honest, learn your weaknesses, grab a hold of fear & fight for YOU!! We have a responsibility to take our health seriously and to use our bodies, not become a burden on our loved ones or become another liability for our economy and health care system. Sounds harsh but wouldn't you agree?

My dream of owning my own gym finally became a reality but sadly was taken from me during Covid, 4th lockdown in Ontario, Canada. We have recently decided to revamp our love of health and fitness by moving to an online platform. I will not stop helping others to live intentionally and ultimately age strong.

Designing programs is my specialty. After years of using my own body as a test, my wants/ goals kept changing. Depending on where I was in my age, life and responsibilities... My interests kept varying and I knew that would be the case for my clients & members.

I started writing programs that touched on all aspects of function and mobility. Full body fitness that will enable you to move stronger, longer and easier - this is the stuff that literally keeps me up at night (in a good way). It's not about putting a couple moves on paper and going through some motions - there is thought, a goal for our members and a mission. I specialize in Hybrid Metabolic Resistance to ensure maximum effectiveness and desired outcomes

That is the difference
That is the commitment
That is Rebelle Fit!!

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