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So, who am I really? I am a sister, a twin and an aunt of four :). I grew up with my mom and step father. I'm a bit of an introvert and high school intensified that. I got along with many but preferred more 1 on 1 relationships. For the longest time I thought something was wrong with me, but later realised it was a characteristic I appreciated. I was an avid soccer player and took various forms of dance for many years. I appreciate all genres of music, but my go to would have to be alternative rock , pop rock, or hip hop R n'B. I was born in Ontario, Canada. I was vegetarian for a few years before going more plant based. My Why? I discovered a passion for healthy living before I even really understood what that meant. Yes, I was raised to have a good relationship with food but I still struggled at times with the temptations of society and convenience. This became an increased issue when high school hit. I noticed that nutrition wasn't really a part of the discussion. Sports and soccer reediness never included healthy eating and many of my friends didn't eat as much as they should in a day.


Sadly, I noticed that all forms of eating disorders became a reality with many girls in my age group. Fast food became the "go to" for thought that ate, and anorexia and bulimia became the "go to" for the girls that didn't. I noticed a recurrence that even the athletic girls still struggled with eating nutritious and nutrient dense, healthy foods, instead of opting for fast food on the way to practice. I realised as a young person to think that slices of pizza won't hurt us because we look at everything by our weight or that we have a fast metabolism, not realising we are setting the tone for our overall health. Fast food and highly processed foods have a negative impact off the scale. Ie. brain fog, depression, fatigue, low energy, lazy, acne, overall feel shitty, screws with periods, mood swings, and our self esteem. Whereas feeding our bodies the nutrients and minerals that it needs, it gives us energy and better focus throughout the day. Balanced hormones, less cramping during menstruation, better sleep, and helps with memory. It also has been proven that it helps with getting better grades because you can hold on to memory longer in your brain. Overall this leaves us feeling confident, strong, empowered, and THAT GIRL!

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