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We at Rebelle Fit feel that the state of our mental health is equally important to our ability to succeed in all aspects of life. Whichever one comes first initially, having full body health means all aspects grow and emerge from the other. We can all be badasses of our life when we decide to make our mental health a priority......It is then that we become UNF*CKWITHABLE!


Please stay tuned for upcoming workshops and events encompassing all aspects of life. I am happy to share my knowledge as well as bring others in from our community with so much to offer 

Here's Some Client Buzz

"With Rhonda she explains proper ways of exercising in layman terms! Now I understand better why, and enjoy and have fun working out without the fear of hurting myself! With her encouragement and guidance I can look forward to a healthy retirement!”

- Patti

"Rhonda pushed me to my limits and then some each and every session we had together. Even when I would think there was no way I could keep going or had it in me, she pushed me. All our workouts were fun and different, which I needed to keep motivated." 

- Kristin

“Working with Rhonda on my fitness is great! She is very knowledgeable and encouraging. Our sessions were hard work but always with an element of fun and some laughs, which is so important to keep me motivated." 

- Lisa

“I suffer from depression and had two major surgeries back to back, leaving me feeling pretty down. With Rhonda’s skilful training techniques and knowledge of the muscle systems, she has helped me have a healthier mind and body. She is my inspiration!"

- Suzanne

After completing each and every one of the exercise regimes, I was exhausted and was feeling the burn. I felt I was able to push myself to new heights than when I typically workout alone.“ 

- Janelle


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